An Analog Life: DJ Enyah shares their Radiant Love for Records and Music!

Bump 'n Grind has had many musically-inclined people contribute to our community and small business development. We offer a space for expression and participation in all facets of our love for coffee, music, and community. 

DJ Enyah has been a vital cog to our operations and musical transmissions over the past couple years. Their energy sparks a contagious curiosity and wonder for records, sound, and the power of music to bring comfort and resilience to peoples life. Their legendary Analog Market Vinyl Sessions, every second saturday of the month, have become ethereal marathons; long-format voyages through intersectional genres of dance music and cutting-edge indie rock, punk, and synth-wave.


Our Beans have a New Look!

Our beans have a new look! Bump ‘n Grind is excited to reveal the latest packaging for our beans hitting the retail shelves at your favorite grocery store, bakery, or BnG coffee partner! 


Bump 'n Grind Coffee Tasting Guide

At Bump ‘n Grind, we are actively trying to bridge the gap with our customers to provide a brand experience focused on the growth of our community connections, environmental stewardship, and being a socially-aware small business. This week’s Liner Notes shares the background of our signature bean blends, explaining the choices creating that “conscientious” cup we love to drink each morning!


Bump 'n Grind Wax in Review

In 2021, Bump ‘n Grind fulfilled a long-imagined project for the brand, the creation of a limited-run vinyl record label.

As our small business is dedicated to promoting the intersection of coffee, music – especially vinyl records– and community, Bump ‘n Grind Wax was started to promote DJ-centric music alongside the artists and producers that have been integral to the growth of our community over the years.


Liner Notes #1: Forward into 2022!

Bump ‘n Grind is excited to announce the launch of our new blog, Liner Notes! An homage to the thoughtful inserts from your favorite records, our blog aims to share the latest news and stories coming from the Bump ‘n Grind family.