DJ MC aka Mario Cooper coming from the Southside of Chicago was first introduced to the world outside of Footworks inner circle through Planet Mu's second episode of the legendary 'Bangs & Works' compilation in November 2011. One of the collections most remarkable and memorable tracks 'Y Fall' already made very clear that Mario Cooper plays in his own league.

* DJ MC is part of the movements second generation comprising such heavy- weights as DJ Roc and EQ Why, a group who could be dubbed the Fruity Loops wizards. Countless times he appeared spinning tunes at the scenes long lasting core event Battlegroundz.

* After having released quite a few digital EP's on various labels and on his own Bandcamp page lately, Duck N' Cover is very happy to announce his first release that makes it to wax. This monster of a record comprises 11 tracks on 2 sides, has an ultra fast pace as it contains tracks lasting from 1:38 to 2:39 which makes it demanding material for the DJ, no time to sleep. Prepared yourself for a rollercoaster ride.

* This record is a snapshot which offers us a look into the cultures innermost workings from the producers point of view, where also the track game is just as quick as the dance moves. DJ MC's Footwork is very much rooted in Hip Hop and Rap. This given fact adds a very classic and classy touch to all of his output. Experience a modern day masterpiece and tune in into the 'Lowend Jungle'

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