Following the release of grime legend Jamakabi's “Wickedest Ting” EP, grime fans and vinyl collectors alike have been screaming for the bass remixes by Truth and Ghosty to be released on vinyl.

We heard, we listened and we can now deliver!

Rhythm Rollers is proud to present “The Bass Remixes” of Wickedest Ting on limited edition 12” vinyl.

Track A is an absolute monster brought to you by LA based dubstep veterans “TRUTH” which incorporates all the lyrical energy of the original while providing atmospheric low sub baselines that Truth are so well known for around the globe. If you love your dubstep this is a must for your collection and sets!

Track B is a whole different take on Jamakabi and D Double E's 2018 grime anthem. Ghosty steps up to the plate for this one and rises to the occasion in superb style. The Reaper Recording head honcho is quickly becoming renowned for his high energy amen drum patterns and this does not disappoint! If you get a chance to play this on a large system, be warned! The low subby basslines and heavy hitting drums will bring the roof down, and the rest of the building for that matter!

It's not often Grime greats like D Double & Jamakabi bless these type of styles and its even rarer to find them available on vinyl. If you love your Grime, dubstep or your amens this release has to be an immediate addition to your vinyl collection!!

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