Plagued by two years of failed business ventures and well-publicized proprietary conflicts, MYSTERIES OF THE MIND triumphantly emerges with a release that shatters all expectations of what critics have categorized as 'World Music.'

The enchanting lead single 'Aracari' features swirling delays, endangered bird calls and dreamy, Cocteau Twins-esque vocals. On the remix, Greg Pidcock of Hot Creations hits us with a thumping club interpretation ready for outdoor gatherings around the globe.

On the B-Side, M.O.T.M. delves into the murkier depths of sexual fantasy and personal misery. 'Soft Focus' shimmers with late night urban radio gloss, while its evil twin 'Sloppy Seconds' heaves with nervous energy and intolerant melodic flashes. Late-night dancehall experiment 'Partial Victory' finishes off the B-side with a bubbly call to arms

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