Bump ‘n Grind Wax is excited to announce the release of BNG-002, the next installment of the white label, 7" vinyl-only record! When our souls need to be shaken from this catatonic state of pandemic blues, BNG-002 is positioned to hit the world at a perfect time. From the depths of his analog lab in an unknown borough of New York City, Brendon Moeller, aka Beat Pharmacy, or in some circles known as the Echologist, vigorously shakes the listener in and out of sonic bliss with two ambient dub tracks.

The A – Side, “The Coming Impact,” presents a meditative dub riddim. Constant bass sources beat an instinctual warmth, creating a suspenseful steppas journey where ominous synth drones over the familiar snare roll of a classic roots track.

The B-side, "Lovely Day Dub" continues the BNG Wax nod to legends of yesteryear. Beat Pharmacy’s nod to Bill Withers, using disparate parts and fractured sounds of the iconic sunny morning song. Brendon sinks his teeth into earthly vibrations, as if dormant seedlings are finally cracking through long frozen soil. This ethereal track is filled with resonant basslines and sonic textures that go perfect with a cup of coffee, a beefy subwoofer, and a much needed moment of sun- drenched calmness.

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