Bump 'n Grind Wax takes another turn in their vinyl-only exploration into the intersections of dance and sound system music. The Uganda Connect, Swordman Kitala, brings two dancefloor killers straight from Kampala’s active underground hip hop and dance scene to this limited edition vinyl-only 7” release on Bump ‘n Grind Wax! An MC with heavy influences from dancehall and hip hop traditions, Swordman Kitala has been tearing up leftfield dance-focused productions from cross-genre artists like Tom Blip, Soft-Bodied Humans, and DJ Scotch Egg. With memorable performances and releases with the musical-trendsetting Nyege Nyege Festival, Swordman Kitala’s infectious flow pairs perfectly with club-ready tracks, crafting a sound that is being felt in all corners of the world!

The A-Side of BNG-006, “Chidongo,” hits straight to the gut with militant drums, off-kilter claps, industrial tones, and rapid-fire lyrics. The elements combine for a rough and tough dance track that will have necks breaking, bodies shaking, and sweat-dripping from your brow as your gun fingers pop off in the dance. B-Side brings the magic man from Richmond, VA, Charles Benjamin, into the fold, with this special edit of Swordman Kitala’s “Bade.” Swordman Kitala’s rudeboy lyrics champion him as the “Uganda Connect” while Charles Benjamin adds the omnipresent low-end, sirens, and wicked drum pattern which crescendos towards the end of the track into a dance-ready drum groove that DJs will be looping for years to come.

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