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Following a two year hiatus, bass purveying record label Soundman Chronicles is back with another EP to add to its collection. Helmed by Wisdom Teeth label head K-LONE, the three track release also features a remix from low-key, Bristolian duo O$VMV$M. A labour of love which has, according to Soundman Chronicles head honcho Parris, taken a year to complete', as both he and Josiah Gladwell aka K-LONE searched hard for a safe pair of remixing hands - Old Fashioned borrows from old school dub influences and breathes new life into the Basic Channel pioneered dub techno sound. Opening with the sparse title track 'Old Fashioned', which boasts warm pads and a dub techno framework spanning ten whole minutes, the EP then accommodates a buoyant four and a bit minute roller - 'In The Dust Of This Planet', characterised by a weighty kick and hard-hitting drums before the remainder of the b-side adopts a more stripped-back approach and Young Echo members O$VMV$M lend the title track an altogether more atmospheric feel in their remix, complete with a fuzzy lo-fi clap and dainty series of hi hats. A welcome return from both K-LONE and Soundman Chronicles, Old Fashioned finds a home on a label that's expertly mastered the ability to look back as much as it looks forward.