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SPC 127

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Producer Mark E hails from the West Midlands, an area of the UK that was at the heart of the industrial revolution and was also hit hardest by the decline of UK industry in the 1970s, and again by the economic crisis of our own time. It's an area with a distinct sound and atmosphere, one that manifests in the music of artists as diverse as Black Sabbath and The Specials, and one that plays into many of the ideas behind Mark E's 2014 full-length, Product Of Industry.

Following that release, Mark E presents a late-year surprise with AVION EP. Featuring two new tracks from the producer plus remixes on two Product Of Industry highlights: 'Bog Dance' and 'Being Hiding'. First up, White Material affiliate Alvin Aronson brings his minimal ambient productions to 'Bog Dance' while the collaborate duo of Leon Vynehall and Christian Piers aka Laszlo Dancehall fire things up on 'Being Hiding' to close out the EP