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Umoja From Congo - Light Roast

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We're thrilled to bring you this Fair Trade Organic coffee from South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Umoja coffee thrives to fruition in the Congolese forested highlands ~ elevation ranging from 1,480-2,000 meters. The cooperative consists of 11,600 members, mostly small farmers, men and women for whom coffee is a vital and often the sole source of income and stability.

Tasting Notes: Fruity lemon, orange, honey, black chocolate flavor and aroma; heavy body; short aftertaste.

This coffee is brought to you in partnership with Mighty Peace Coffee, a fully integrated social impact coffee company that provides coffee lovers and ethical businesses with the highest quality coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). By sharing stories of Congolese farmers to inspire human connection we aim at breaking the cycle of poverty and conflict through economic transformation and advocacy.