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An Analog Life: DJ Enyah shares their Radiant Love for Records and Music!

Bump 'n Grind has had many musically-inclined people contribute to our community and small business development. We offer a space for expression and participation in all facets of our love for coffee, music, and community. DJ Enyah has been a vital cog to our operations and musical transmissions over the past couple years. Their energy sparks a contagious curiosity and wonder for records, sound, and the power of music to bring comfort and resilience to people's lives. Their legendary Analog Market Vinyl Sessions -- every Second Sunday of the month -- have become ethereal marathons; long-format voyages through intersectional genres of dance music and cutting-edge indie rock, punk, and synth-wave.

We've asked Enyah to share their love for vinyl record collecting, and what currently motivates their musical conquests. Make sure to give one of their epic sets a listen on our B 'n G Mixcloud!

What’s the foundation of your record collection?

Mostly all of my records have come to me in some way or another. Many, I inherited from my father; classics like New Order, Joy Division, Kraftwerk, The Cure, the Clash and other new wave and punk from the late 70s and early 80’s. Others were a direct product of my environment.  I spent 10 years in Portland and was influenced immensely by the diverse DJ culture and people around me.  ared at Clinton St. Records and Stereo really had a major hand in making my collection as heavy as it is.  Fundamentally, all my records move me in some way. Mostly spiritually, through my emotions, and many physically, when I get the pleasure to share them with friends or a crowd.  My taste is deeply-rooted in a dreamy and ethereal other-world.  I like music that takes you to wonderland and pulls you in to keep you there.  

When I buy records I look for labels and names I know.  If it says promo only and there’s no other info, its usually a rare disco edit made for DJs in the 80s and 90s and it’s probably pretty good.  I love how many trance and techno compilations there are out there.  So many reissue labels right now too.  I love comps and I love how busy labels are these days.   Its all quite exciting and a bit overwhelming - the amount of amazing labels and artists pumping out releases.  I’m loving labels like Music from Memory, Light in the Attic, Re: Discovery, Bng Wax, Mississippi Records and Numero Group.  

What do you like about sharing music at Analog Market?

Analog is my favorite place to play right now.  The Klipsch Sound System is superb.  The Varia Instruments rotary is my most favorite mixer that I’ve played.  Transitions are so smooth and buttery, it's such a pleasure to be able to play music on this setup.  I end up getting pretty lost when I play here and I always look forward to my residency: every second Sunday of the month!  

Where are you from?

I was born in Fairfax and grew up in Silver Spring.  I love it here.  The culture and music is so rich in it's vibrant history and it's current state.  I was so lucky to grow up in this city, and being a teenager in the late 90s/early 2000s meant I had the pleasure in witnessing a special moment in the DC punk scene.  So many of those shows changed my life forever.  The raw passion that was shared at many of those shows will be forever encapsulated in my spirit.

Current fav artists and record labels? 

The heavies are Aphex, autechre and the entire Warp catalog and lately, Grateful Dead live shows.  Im really into all the techno and trance stuff from the youth of today.  I also love IDM, so I'm into mixing all these genres.  I also love disco,  always have fun bouncing between both worlds.  Harvey, Tom of England, Justin V and Idjut Boys all have heavy influence on how I DJ. 

As for DJs; the local collective, Hast De Feuer is killing it with their shows and bookings.  I learn a lot about the new music I like from the DJs they book. I was floored by CCL. I listen to Animalia, Butter Sessions (Sleep D kills me), Pacific Rhythm, Magicwire, Radiant and too many other collectives and labels to name.

What are some of your other passions?

I am a bit older now, my other interests and passions surround youth advocacy and education.  I am a trained Montessorian, and feel very strongly in her teachings and pedagogy. I work to support and cheer the foundations of learning. I feel very purposeful when sharing music and helping others celebrate in the joy that is felt with music and arts.

What does "community" mean to you?

Community is choosing to engage and support the environment that we all share. It's celebrating our unique melodies and giving everyone the confidence and chance to solo if and when you feel inclined.  Its building something safe and beautiful, together.  It's celebrating life and choosing to do so with your neighbors.  It's dancing, it's love, it's everything humanity can create and more.  It's the incarnate of beauty, grace and courtesy.  Community is music, community is coffee, community is love.  

Where can we see you play more?!

Right now, I play at Neptune Room, here and there, with my BnG Wax family.  Currently, looking to play more now that I have relocated to DC from Portland.  Delegate rooftop is a nice place to play.  Im excited about the Zapateo festival in West Virginia that I was invited to play in a few weeks!  I have records and will travel!


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