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We're Bump 'n Grind, a Specialty Coffee Shop, Record Store and Roaster dedicated to and inspired by Coffee, Music and Community. We create significant third spaces inspired by their neighborhoods; micro-roast top grade environmentally and ethically sourced coffee from around the world; and support musicians, artists of all kinds. Oh yeah...and we have fun. Fun's important and we encourage everyone to enjoy some more of it.

We truly appreciate you visiting us here online, and hope to see you at our shop(s) and our roaster. Your presence supports us on our path to making our immediate and global community a better place ... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. If you've got any questions, ideas, would like to partner with us or see a Bump ’n Grind in your community: please reach out! Info@bumpngrind.co

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Here's a little video that was done about us!