An Analog Life: DJ Enyah shares their Radiant Love for Records and Music!

Bump 'n Grind has had many musically-inclined people contribute to our community and small business development. We offer a space for expression and participation in all facets of our love for coffee, music, and community. 

DJ Enyah has been a vital cog to our operations and musical transmissions over the past couple years. Their energy sparks a contagious curiosity and wonder for records, sound, and the power of music to bring comfort and resilience to peoples life. Their legendary Analog Market Vinyl Sessions, every second saturday of the month, have become ethereal marathons; long-format voyages through intersectional genres of dance music and cutting-edge indie rock, punk, and synth-wave.


Analog Market turns one year old!

Analog Market has been Bump 'n Grind's passion project over the past 12 months. A community has surrounded our efforts, where local small businesses, artists, and musicians contribute to the constant evolution of our brand's home at 923 Gist Ave in downtown Silver Spring.


An Analog Life: Cowealtha Clay shares his passion for Music, Art, and Vinyl!

If you have been around Analog Market over the past 12 months, it's likely you've encountered this bright soul around the place. Whether he is playing deep and meaningful jazz, reviewing scripts, or waxing poetic about the spirit of art and life, Clayton Lebouef -- musically expressed as Cowealtha Clay -- is a welcomed force in these parts. His vinyl selections are equally-nostalgic and futuristic. It's a pleasure to have him grace the decks at our humble shop at 923 Gist Ave in Downtown Silver Spring. 

We took the time to ask Cowealtha what makes their "Analog Life" tick, how they become inspired by music, and what gives them excitement as they explore and expand their record collections. 


NEW B 'n G Coffee Mug promotes Sound System Culture!

Bump 'n Grind releases the iconic "The Only Good System is a Sound System!" coffee mug this summer 2023!


An Analog Life: Local DJ, Tasting Notes, chats Records!

Bump 'n Grind has proudly programmed nearly a year's worth of music at Analog Market! Every Saturday and Sunday since last July, we've invited local vinyl collectors to hold four hour sessions.

We've asked one of our regular DJs, Morgan Lupton aka Tasting Notes, to discuss the passion and joy they get from record collecting and appreciating an analog way of life. Tasting Notes, an active music producer and DJ in the DC vinyl circuit, has a well-developed palette for deep grooves and lush soundscapes.



New Single Origin Coffee: Costa Rica - Paramo - Light

Our Roastery Team is excited to release our latest Single Origin Roast from Costa Rica for Spring 2023!

Grown between the altitudes of 1250m - 1450m above sea level, these beans from Paramo, CR have received an Excellent cup grading of 85 according to S.C.A standards. Our team has developed a sumptuous flavor profile of juicy red apples, graham crackers, and roasted almonds. For those skeptical of the complexities of a light roast, this coffee packs a hefty caffeine punch with a delicate appearance. A full flavored experience, this Single - Origin B 'n G exclusive is an absolute delight as a pour over or iced coffee!


Funk by the Ounce: PPU x Bump 'n Grind Coffee Experience

Bump 'n Grind is always exploring ways to collaborate and give shine to record labels and small businesses that inspire our own mission and purpose as a brand. We've teamed up with P.P.U (People's Party Unlimited) to release a limited time coffee, "Funk by the Ounce." This specialty blend incorporates Brazilian- Medium Roast and Guatemalan - Light Roast beans. The combination of beans creating a sumptuous blend of chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and juicy fruit flavors. Perfect for an afternoon of crate-digging, or a morning after tearing up the dance-floor!


Analog Market is Now Open Thursday - Sunday!

B 'n G's Analog Market at 923 Gist Ave expands operations in 2023!

We are now open Thursday - Sunday, 9am - 4am w/ full Bump 'n Grind Coffee Service, grab 'n go breakfast options, more community programming, and awesome local maker opportunities!


An Analog Holiday Market!

An Analog Holiday Market | December 3rd and 4th | 9am - 4pm

We are stringing the lights and invite our neighbors and friends to join us for an Analog Holiday Market! December 3rd and 4th, our "vintage coffee co-op," Analog Market, celebrates the festive season at 923 Gist Ave in Downtown Silver Spring. Pop-up vintage, vinyl, arts, and craft vendors will gather with themed-activities, music, tacos, and of course, Bump 'n Grind Coffee.



Help Create Bump 'n Grind's Forever Home!

It takes courage and a bit of gumption to pull the curtain back, share one’s dreams and ask for help.

In July, Bump n Grind moved into 923 Gist Ave in Downtown Silver Spring. Over the past few months, with 7 other small businesses, we’ve transformed the 1950’s home into our latest project, Analog Market. A place where people can come together, discover everything from antiques and collectibles, enjoy great music, and connect on a neighborly level. 

We’ve got a great team pouring their hearts and souls into the design and concept. We need to raise money to make it happen. To that end, Bump n Grind is reaching out to our community. Our initial ask is to help solidify our capital projects and fortify our plans for the property at 923 Gist Ave. We are first shooting for the stars, setting our sights on a target we hope will resonate with those who see a need for a place like Bump 'n Grind to thrive and serve our community. We are seeking promissory notes, starting at $5,000. These are to be paid back in monthly increments, with options and additional perks as the note matures (coffee pun intended).