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Analog Market is Now Open Thursday - Sunday!

Analog Market is Now Open Thursday - Sunday! - Bump 'n Grind

Bump 'n Grind cements Analog Market as a Flagship location!

B 'n G is excited to enter into 2023 with an inspiring undertaking for our small, humble coffee and vinyl record operation. After six months of putting love, great vibes, and the intermingling of creative minds and seekers into Analog Market, we have cemented our future at 923 Gist Ave in Downtown Silver Spring.

Our little "vintage, vinyl, coffee co-op" is turning a new leaf. Starting on January 12th, Analog Market will be open from 9am - 4pm from Thursday to Sunday!  We are expanding the offerings of our Bump 'n Grind Coffee bar, welcoming more funky small businesses into our mid-century home, and increasing the programming of our cozy confines. B 'n G and crew are actively improving Analog Market to appeal to a diverse range of interests with interesting community programming, eclectic musical selectors, and engaging curiosities for all-ages. 

We invite our community to enjoy the music and magic of having a space to gather, create, and be present together around a fire, sound system, or craft table. The small businesses calling 923 Gist home are currently Mojomala, Narrow Passage Store, Bump 'n Grind Wax, Pete's Train Emporium, and the newest addition to the flock, Bottom Dwellers! 

Bottom Dwellers has brought in a rack of vintage and lightly-loved threads. Their rack will be updated weekly, so make sure to come check to see what fashion finds the Dwellers are uncovering.