Earth Week 2022 - Bump 'n Grind Coffee Shop

Earth Week 2022

With Earth Week 2022 coming to a close, Bump ‘n Grind wants to offer a friendly reminder of our commitment to minimizing impacts on climate change and encouraging our growing community to enjoy our “conscientious coffee.” This edition of the Liner Notes is a Bump ‘n Grind nod to the daily effort it takes for us all to strive for a healthier planet. As a small business, we recognize that individual consumer behavior will ultimately struggle to tilt the current trajectory of our environmental circumstances, it will take a collective. Bump ‘n Grind aims to be a steward on this wild and wonderful Earth, leaving it a little more magical, a place worth sharing for generations to come.  

First and foremost, the Bump ‘n Grind efforts to source “conscientious beans” involve identifying cooperatives and producers identified as organic and part of global efforts to combat climate change and rain forest degradation. Global recognitions like the Rainforest Alliance and the 4C labels help us identify responsible suppliers. At the Roastery, we are regularly recycling our coffee bags, and maintaining our foundation D.I.Y ethos that helps us reuse and reduce many of our wasteful habits. In our shops, we use compostable containers and utensils, offer a range of organic ingredients and non-dairy milks. All of our merchandise is produced with an ecological-mindful manufacturing process, where we collaborate with local Washington, DC Metro-based small businesses to use organic materials and eco-friendly inks. 


For our customers, we encourage you to purchase our awesome Vacuum Canisters! While keeping your beans fresh and flavorful, we can eliminate unnecessary packaging and offer DISCOUNTS for refills at all of our locations! If you come into Silver Spring Library or the Pop-up at our Roastery in Kensington with a B ‘n G Travel Mug, you will also get 10% off drinks for eliminating the extra waste! 

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