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Liner Notes #1: Forward into 2022!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new blog,

An homage to the thoughtful inserts from your favorite records, our blog aims to share the latest news and stories coming from the Bump ‘n Grind family. Weekly, we will be sharing multimedia posts on our website pointing to the pillars of our brand, “Coffee. Music. Community.” From in-depth tasting guides and articles about our coffee partners, to special reviews of albums found deep in the B ‘n G vinyl crates, we hope these stories help unify the diverse voices of our wonderful community.

2022 is proving to be a transformative year for the DC-area based coffee and music brand. After transitioning out of our inaugural home on East-West Highway, opening up a new Roastery in Kensington, MD (4120 Howard Ave. Kensington), and building a meaningful partnership with Silver Spring Public Library (900 Wayne Avenue, Silver Spring), we have increased our capacity to roast conscientious coffee, refining our techniques to bring exciting flavors to your morning cup. Last year also saw the launch of our member’s only subscription service, “The Club,” and our Bump ‘n Grind Wax record label.

A longtime vision of B ‘n G bossman, David Fogel, the label has managed to push out four killer releases on limited-edition, 7” wax. Under the mantra “No Limits. No Boundaries,” these unique releases forge a link between the icons who have shaped contemporary music, and forward-thinking producers exploring the intersections of various genres. 

Our Liner Notes and weekly newsletters - join the mailing list - will continue to share exciting revelations and new locations to find B ‘n G coffee. Visit our weekend pop-ups on Saturdays and Sundays at the Roastery in Kensington, MD (9:00am - 2:30pm), where customers can listen to records in our listening room, sample beans from all over the world, and pick up a pack of our freshly-roasted beans to enjoy throughout the week. We are also regularly recording DJ mixes and live streams from our studio at the Roastery - so make sure to tune in on the BnG Mixcloud. Also, don’t miss the good word on our Harmony Truck, as it will soon hit the pavement, providing espresso drinks and drip coffee at local events, markets, and festivals!

As we move forward in 2022, we wish everyone good health and positive vibes! 


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