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Bump 'n Grind Wax in Review

In 2021, Bump ‘n Grind fulfilled a long-imagined project for the brand, the creation of a limited-run vinyl record label.

As our small business is dedicated to promoting the intersection of coffee, music – especially vinyl records– and community, Bump ‘n Grind Wax was started to promote DJ-centric music alongside the artists and producers that have been integral to the growth of our community over the years. David partnered with Brady Rall, a member of the DC-based sound system and record label, Grand Ancestor, to begin identifying righteous tunes and strategize how to get these physical copies into the hands of vinyl collectors and vibe purveyors around the world. The experience of running the label has motivated both David and Brady to continue finding fresh and forward-thinking music to remind people of the beautiful moments that happen while a room is full of an infectious groove. 

Four killer releases later, and BnG Wax has managed to distribute over 3000 copies of their hand-stamped, 7” releases  around the world. Each release is a vibrant interpretation of music that has inspired the growth of Bump ‘n Grind over the years. As our records began to reach listeners towards the end of 2021, Bump ‘n Grind Wax has received notable attention and airplay on major radio stations like BBC6, CBC, and Giles Peterson’s Brownswood Basement Show on Worldwide FM. While these releases are becoming hard to find, we are adamant about making sure these songs get to music lovers and collectors. 

Bump ‘n Grind Wax is out and about in the DC metro area playing vinyl regularly, joined by local selectors, collectors, and beat makers. You can catch the crew at the Neptune Room every third Friday, and make sure to keep an eye on our Bandcamp page, or @bumpngrindwax on Instagram. Look out for forthcoming releases, mixes, merch drops (GRAB A T-Shirt), and re-press updates on past bangers. 

Below, you will find a listener’s guide to our Bump ‘n Grind Wax’s first releases from 2021:

BNG-001 - Eddie C’s “Believe in Love” / “Forever in My Life” (Schneller 7” Edit)

The inaugural BnG Wax release became an instant classic from the head honcho of Red Motorbike Records, Eddie C. Record distributors joked about the mind-bending appeal of any Eddie C releases, the physics defying speed in which his records sell-out. “The Law of Currelly” was in full-effect for BNG-001. 

BNG-002- Beat Pharmacy’s “The Coming Impact” / “Lovely Day Dub”

Intended to aid the listener enter into a deep, contemplative state, Beat Pharmacy’s “the Coming Impact,” presents a meditative dub riddim with constant bass sources beating an instinctual warmth. Flip it over, and  "Lovely Day Dub" continues the BNG Wax nod to legends of yesteryear. Beat Pharmacy’s praises Bill Withers using disparate parts and fractured sounds from the iconic sunny morning song. This song is about earthly vibrations, as if dormant seedlings are finally cracking through long frozen soil.

BNG-003 - Adam Prescott ft Rachel Wallace “Back Together Again”/ “Back Dubbing Again”

BnG Wax linked up with Reggae Roast’s Adam Prescott to take a tropical spin on the underrated classic from Howard University alums Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway. Adam invites vocalist Rachel Wallace, from the early 90s rave staple “Tell Me Why,” to create silky smooth waves with this Studio One-inspired late 70’s disco tune. A beefed-up bassline couples with an array of echoes and reverb to guide both the A-side and B-side, “Back Dubbing Again.” Adam brings out all the tricks as this melodic track is full of playful twists, turns, and drops. 

BNG-004 - RSD ft. Denise Morgan “Let’s Stay Together”/ “Let’s Dub Together”

Bristol's sonic luminary, Rob Smith (aka RSD), offered his support to the label in this dynamic cover of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." With a hint of lover's rock and a dash of neo-soul, RSD invites Denise Morgan (an ex-competitor on UK’s The Voice) to tackle this timeless tune. On the A-side, prominent piano runs, synth stabs, and RSD's iconic drum section frame Denise's deliciously-soulful approach to this classic. RSD brings the magic for the B-side version, "Let's Dub Together,”  adding his undeniable signature to the fourth BnG Wax tribute.

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