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NEW B 'n G Coffee Mug promotes Sound System Culture!

NEW B 'n G Coffee Mug promotes Sound System Culture! - Bump 'n Grind Coffee Shop

Bump 'n Grind releases the iconic "The Only Good System is a Sound System!" coffee mug this summer 2023!

Add this new coffee mug to your kitchen's statement pieces. In a bold white and red, this wavy Diner style 12oz. mug is dedicated to promoting music with an attention to sound system culture! This proclamation rung loud over the iconic sound system dances of the UK, Caribbean, and US underground as a testament that music is the true binder of community. Through the act of gathering around a set of speakers, dancing, and playing the songs and instruments you love, people can rejoice and create powerful moments. 

It's been a long while since we have had new Merch at Bump 'n Grind, and we are ecstatic to add this awesome mug into your collection! Find the mug in all of our physical locations: Silver Spring Library, Kensington Coffee Roastery, and Analog Market.

Designed with words to live by, "The Only Good System is a Sound System," is our daily revolutionary reminder to embrace your morning coffee and bring peace, love, and good music into the world. Only $14 for a mug to last a lifetime!