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New Single Origin Coffee: Costa Rica - Paramo - Light

Our Roastery Team is excited to release our latest Single Origin Roast from Costa Rica for Spring 2023!

We received these specialty beans from small holders located in Paramo of the Pérez Zeledón department in Costa Rica. Coffee is central to Pérez Zeledón's history. It was brought to the region and cultivated by migrants from the Central Valley, towards the end of the 19th century. Irregular topography, abundant rivers and a diverse ecosystem, provide ideal conditions for producing unique coffees. The settlers found the climate conditions and richness of the soil ideal for coffee and other crops. Coffee significantly contributed to the social and economic development of Pérez Zeledón, generating a culture of values and principles built on family unity. Small coffee farms dot the southeastern slopes of the Talamanca mountain range where this lot was cultivated. These beans are grown by farmers participating in Volcafe Way, a farmer support program developed to provide a holistic response to the challenges faced by coffee farmers. 

Grown between the altitudes of 1250m - 1450m above sea level, these beans have received an Excellent cup grading of 85 according to S.C.A standards. Our team has developed a sumptuous flavor profile of juicy red apples, graham crackers, and roasted almonds. For those skeptical of the complexities of a light roast, this coffee packs a hefty caffeine punch with a delicate appearance. A full flavored experience, this Single - Origin B 'n G exclusive is an absolute delight as a pour over or iced coffee!



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