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Single Origin Feature - Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe

This week, we present another one of our fantastic Single-Origin beans: the small and mighty Ethiopia - Yirgacheffe. What might look delicate in demeanor, this bean packs a flavorful punch. An exemplary “Conscientious Coffee” according to the Bump ‘n Grind standards, we are proud to feature this lightly-roasted, naturally-processed coffee as a Single-Origin coffee for our drinkers, subscribers, and patrons! 

The Ethiopia- Yirgacheffe coffee is a bright representation of how coffee can be both a complex flavor, as well as a socially-impactful resource for small and marginalized communities. We recommend enjoying this bean in a pour-over fashion, using water slightly-below boiling. When finely-ground, and measured at a ratio of about 25grams of coffee to 300grams of water, drinkers can expect a dried fruit-forward cup with a buttery and dark chocolate finish. For some, this evokes a nostalgia of youthful days at the movies enjoying Raisinets and Popcorn. Our roasting team is proud of how they were able to highlight the slightly-tart coffee berry taste that is a distinct signature of the Ethiopian natural process. This method leaves the beans unsheathed in the berries at harvest, left to dry in the sun and absorb all the natural flavors of the fruit.

We source our beans from the YCFCU Cooperative Union. Representing over 46,094 farmers, Yirgacheffe coffee farmer’s cooperative union was established in June 2002. The Arabica coffee is grown 1600 to 2,400 meters above sea level in a fertile and loamy soil. A 28-member cooperative located in Geode Zone in Southern Ethiopia, one of the most prominent coffee growing regions in the country.
The 62,004 hectares are dedicated to garden coffee, producing on average around 20,000 metric tons of Yirgacheffe washed and sun-dried coffee per year. Garden coffee is grown in mixed-crop fields in the shade of tree and foliage around the producer's home. The cooperatives have been active in promoting the increase of the bean price paid to the producers, as well as helping farmers obtain fair trade certifications that boost their profitability on the global market. The YCFCU is conducting social development projects using the funds provided by the fair trade premium fees. These projects include: Bridge construction, additional school class rooms and improvements to the electricity infrastructure.

THE YCFCU works closely with the Dignity for All (D4A) Impact Program in partnership with Fair Trade Africa (FTA). This is a four-year (2018-2021) Program funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Finland. Underpinned by the Fairtrade Theory of Change (ToC), the MFA Impact Program seeks "justice and fairness through exercising rights and freedoms, empowerment through strengthening the assets and capabilities of the most marginalized farmers and workers, and the attainment of sustainable livelihoods through building resilient agro-based trade systems and societies. The program is aimed at capturing and assessing simultaneous change in four areas (spheres of change): small producer & worker organizations; supply chain business practices; consumer behavior; and civil society action."

Bump ‘n Grind is excited to be bringing this excellent coffee to the Washington, DC metro area. Customers can find a 12oz bag of beans at our weekend Pop-up at the Roastery in Kensington, through our Single-Origin Subscriptions, and at the Silver Spring Library!

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