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Single-Origin Feature: Honduras - Ocotopeque - Light Roast

We are thrilled to have received a shipment of Single-Origin beans from the mountainous region of western Honduras. They were organically-grown by Café Ventura, a group of family-owned farms in the La Playón community of the Octopeque Department. The group began cultivating coffee more than fifty years ago. In 2012, the Ventura family began exporting their heritage beans globally, creating opportunities to help them provide land and support for local community projects. 

Flavor Notes: Citrus, Toasted Almond, Molasses

Process: Washed, 12oz

Region: Octopeque, Honduras

Altitude: 1170 - 1500M

Our Roasting Team put additional love and care into these washed beans. The Honduras - Ocotopeque - Light is a melody of citrus, toasted almond, and molasses. It's nutty with a hint of tropical. We recommend preparation of our Single-Origin roasts in a Pour-Over fashion. Instead of subjecting the beans to a longer roasting time, the light roast allows the subtle complexities of the flavor to shine. We tame the bitterness and acidity, and produce a less oily coffee. 

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