Single Origin Profile: Java - Light - Bump 'n Grind Coffee Shop

Single Origin Profile: Java - Light

Bump ‘n Grind has another exciting Single Origin roast out in our cafes and pop-ups. Our Indonesian - Java is a light roasted bean with a powerful flavor combination. A one-two punch of Baker’s chocolate and molasses, with cedar and red plum notes, gives this unique bean a robust flavor signature. The Java - Light is currently receiving rave reviews from our Single Origin fans, one out in Denver claiming, “this is like the Barolo of coffee! I love the forward chocolate flavor, and that it is more syrupy and full-bodied than most light roasts.” While we recommend our small-batched, single origin beans to be served in a pour-over fashion, we are also offering it as a rich Cold Brew at our pop-up cafe at the Roastery in Kensington!

Our Single-Origin Java is a certified and organic coffee sourced from the Surya Abadi Kayumas cooperative, operating in the village of Kayumas on Java Island in Indonesia. Most coffee drinkers are familiar with the Java roasts from big brand companies. This is often associated with buying wholesale from large, government run estates. This market hierarchy was established back in colonial times during the Dutch occupation of Indonesia in the 18th Century. In line with our efforts to provide a "conscientious cup," we are proud to have our beans sourced from family-owned farms, as the Surya Abadi Kayumas cooperative involves 66 small producers with the average farm size of around five acres. The coffee is grown at 915 - 1219 meters above sea level, and grades high above 85 on the specialty coffee ranking scale.  

Unique to Indonesian coffee, these Java beans are wet-hulled (See Video!). This method involves a quick depulping after the harvest, and then a brief overnight fermentation on a patio bed. Instead of allowing the beans to dry for extended periods of time within the parchment, the wet-hull process removes the bean from the coffee parchment at about a 25%-30%  moisture content. This is a delicate process as the beans are easily damaged in this state. To complete the drying, the beans are allowed to air-dry until their moisture content reaches 12-13%. This process gives the Indonesian beans a delicate character, but rich and deep flavor profiles when roasted. 

We deliver straight to your doorstep! Make sure to grab a 12oz bag of our Java - Light from the website, or stop by any of our locations in the Washington, DC metro region! Our single-origin beans are small-batched at the Roastery in Kensington, MD, so when they are sold-out… they are sold-out!

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