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Single-Origin Features - Uganda Rwenzori Bugoye - Light Roast

We are making an effort to archive our Single - Origin roasts. We want to keep sharing our connections to inspiring global farmers and coffee businesses, and help our community engage with our dedication to "conscientious" coffee. We have featured coffee beans from this region of Uganda in the past, and are always thrilled with the complexities of the flavor profile! The richness and fullness of the coffee's integrity remains at the forefront with a delicate light roasting. These naturally-processed cherries get kept in the sun for several days, sometimes weeks, giving it the sweet berry and fermented sugar umami.

Coffee Notes

Roast: Light Roast

Flavor: Berry, Brown Sugar, Dried Plum, Black Tea

Process: Natural, 12oz

Altitude: 1500M

About the Coffee:

The Bugoye community resides north of Kasese, living and farming throughout altitudes ranging from 1,300-1,900m/asl in Western Uganda. The smallholders grow coffee as their main cash crop. Harvesting and selling cherries pays for essentials like sending children to school. The coffee trees that populate these smallholder garden plots are mostly SL28 and SL14 cultivars that were originally developed in Kenya.

In the natural process, only the ripest coffee cherries are harvested. The entire procedure requires thorough planning because drying naturals is a slow process that can take up to four weeks. Coffee cherries are dried whole, without removing any of the fruit, on raised beds set out in the sun. During this stage, the coffee is turned regularly to increase airflow, support even drying, and prevent spoilage. After the cherries have been dried, they rest in conditioning bins and are only hulled as the shipment time draws near.

We received this coffee in February of 2024, it was highly-reviewed by our customers and quickly enjoyed across the DMV!

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