Help Create Bump 'n Grind's Forever Home!

It takes courage and a bit of gumption to pull the curtain back, share one’s dreams and ask for help.

In July, Bump n Grind moved into 923 Gist Ave in Downtown Silver Spring. Over the past few months, with 7 other small businesses, we’ve transformed the 1950’s home into our latest project, Analog Market. A place where people can come together, discover everything from antiques and collectibles, enjoy great music, and connect on a neighborly level. 

We’ve got a great team pouring their hearts and souls into the design and concept. We need to raise money to make it happen. To that end, Bump n Grind is reaching out to our community. Our initial ask is to help solidify our capital projects and fortify our plans for the property at 923 Gist Ave. We are first shooting for the stars, setting our sights on a target we hope will resonate with those who see a need for a place like Bump 'n Grind to thrive and serve our community. We are seeking promissory notes, starting at $5,000. These are to be paid back in monthly increments, with options and additional perks as the note matures (coffee pun intended).