Bump 'n Grind Wax's newest 7" release channels a collective sigh of relief, one that promises to remind the world that joy and love can triumph through togetherness.

Bristol's sonic luminary, Rob Smith (aka RSD), has offered his support in this dynamic cover of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." With a hint of lover's rock and a dash of neo-soul, RSD invites Denise Morgan to voice this timeless tune. On the A-side, prominent piano runs, synth stabs, and RSD's iconic drum section frame Morgan's deliciously-soulful approach to this classic. RSD brings the magic for the B-side version, "Let's Dub Together." With a blown-out bassline, Denise's tricked out vocal samples, and a thoughtful caressing of the track's timing, reverb, and echo, RSD adds his undeniable signature to the latest BnG Wax tribute.

A formidable architect behind the now-beloved "Bristol Sound," Rob has been an irreplaceable thread in the development of bass-heavy dance music since the 1980s. From raves to basements, lounges to sound system dances, Rob has pushed the limits of music technology to forge a vital link between the past and future. He is a pioneer who has explored the intersections of nearly every genre through dubbed-out breaks, drops, and quintessential remixes. BnG Wax is honored to have his fingerprints on one of our releases.

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