Slowly, but surely our musical world is getting back to normal. We're able to visit dance floors, wiggle and collectively share in music again. Having said that, like many industries, the music one hasn't been sustainable for many artists.

"The Club" was inspired by COVID and helping musicians, artists diversify their income streams during these life changing times. Every piece is paid for, consequently every membership helps put food on an artists table while pleasing your ear drums. Win-Win! That’s what we’re about.

We’ve created this PW protected spot, like a speakeasy, filled with mixes and podcasts via makers/producers/selectors from all over the world. Curated by folx with over 60 years of music connections.

Expect new material drops weekly from DC area legends and friends from around the world. Content providers include: RSD (Of Smith and Mighty) ; Norm Talley (OG Detroit House Producer/Record Distributor) ; Adam Prescott (Reggae Roast Fame/UK) and Mettabana (2hr 45” set of beats from around the globe). 

Put your headphones on, or that blue tooth speaker and join us in …
The Club. 

$8/month for Exclusive Mixes and Content:
Each week we will be dropping exclusive pieces of sonic content including DJ Mixes from all over the world; interviews and other pieces of sonic goodness.  

Add ons to your membership
+ $12 12oz Bag of MixTape Coffee
+ $15 12oz Bag of Cool Decaf Dan
+ $15 12oz Bag of Rotating Single Origin Coffee
+ $12 Used Record of the Month, Your Chosen Genre
+ $17 New Record of the Month, Your Chosen Genre

If you need even more coffee, choose from any of our beans.

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