Two pieces of snarling filter house from NYC heavyweights Robbie Busch aka DJ McBoing Boing - record dealer to the stars, digger extraordinaire, & DJ of sweaty underground parties around the world, and Josh Dunn - one part of the sorely missed 100 limousines, and one third of the holy trinity that put on New York's legendary Foreal People party.

For two guys so deeply immersed in the rich history of urban dance music, from the Blues & Gospel through deep Disco, Soul, Chicago and Detroit sounds, you could be forgiven for expecting to hear a rich homage to the sounds of the past.
Instead we get the future ghost of Ron Hardy playing the record backwards on a janky turntable with a quarter for a counterweight and fucking shit up in every conceivable way.

These two are chiefly concerned with moving things forward, having some fun, and taking no prisoners along the way.
Golf Channel every time !

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