We’re proud to introduce the very first release from Faster Than Music, a Skopje-based label primarily focused on giving local producers some exposure around the world.
Our vision of music is as broad as it gets and it probably shows on this release!

‘Beton’ I by Kronom is a track born from a collective session, where each artist then came up with their own version of the main track. It’s a moody Techno number that builds up slowly and subtly until you realise your head and legs are busy dancing. It then calms down to take a deep breath before diving head first into a sea of concrete. Solid!

‘Germ-In IX’ by T-Scale is the theme soundtrack of an unreleased independent movie shot on a city sized, uncharted planet located a few million light-years away from Earth, which goes by the name of Germ-In IX,. It tells a romantic love story between two locals, which is often perceived as aggressive-sounding by humans. But it’s also quite danceable.

Following up is ‘Lobster & Shrimp’ by Skopje duo Zlj x Fat Kraych. A track dedicated to Drake’s unique invention: Moscato! Which goes apparently well with those crustaceans, according to... more


released March 1, 2018

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