Board quality: A A new work by Pender Street Steppers, a
unit that leaves work on Mood Hut, has arrived from US label Peoples Potential Unlimited, which has gained popularity due to the reissue / excavation release of high quality 80's sound sources ! With indigenous percussion and floating synths as the axis, a deep tribal sound with a unique distorted texture is unbearable! A truly unique finish that goes to the Row House! Furthermore, the modern and deep boogie tune “Midnight Special” recorded on the B side is also GOOOOD! If you missed a purchase, come to Kono! ◆ Board quality (S): Unopened (A): Good condition (A-): There are threads and small scratches Almost no effect on sound (B): There are noticeable scratches and dirt, but there is no problem in play (B -): Noticeable scratches, dirt, noise, etc.  (C): large scratches, noise, needle jump 

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