Two years after his hypnotic debut album Periodic Perciotic, wanderer of the worlds Kundan Lal returns with new outernational downbeats! Three of the tracks on "مجلس | Majlis" are based on Pakistani dance classics by Muhammad Ashraf (PAKY LIFE), Khalil Ahmed (OVO RHAPS), Sohail Rana & the Five Caps (VULGAR DRAGONS), and one on turkish psychedelia by Moğollar (TUDAMUS).

Selected micro-sequences of these old recordings are tangled up in a dubby soup of Dr. John-esque swamp percussion, off-beat bass lines, droney organs, a creaking synthesizer assembly and the trademark oriental field recordings by Kunsaf Halil, which are spread all over the record. "مجلس | Majlis" can perhaps be seen as the mi

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