* Pev re-masters and re-issues a lead track from his debut LP 'Jarvik Mindstate' on Punch Drunk alongside a newly unearthed and previously unreleased track from 2008.

* A leading protagonist of a nascent, more techno indebted sound in the 07/08 dubstep era, alongside peers such as Martyn, 2562 & Appleblim, Peverelist released a series of tracks that helped shape and define that scene. Alongside 'Infinity is Now' (Tectonic), Circling (w/ Appleblim - Skull Disco) and 'The Grind on Punch Drunk to name a few, Bluez was a standout track fusing melancholic Detroit style synths with the dub-wise aesthetics of the UK underground. Peverelist has since explored these themes further with his pioneering Livity Sound label. This release revisits the roots of his sound a decade on.

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