HE EDITS NEVER STOP. The third and final of the Mangiami Edits brings things to a smooth and calming completion. At the helms of these two reworks is the fabled British duo the Idjut Boys. “Music Take You” gets things started with a rework of Neil Oliver’s “Let My Music Take You” and they have somehow turned into a classic sounding Dad Jam. Shimmering guitars and some dubby horns turn this song into even more of a warm, feel-good vibe, perfect for warming up a crowd. Total Ned Doheny feels on this one. The B-side skips right over the meat of the night and takes deep into the late night hours. “And Your Point” is an interesting and subversive affair with an undulating low end and plenty of reverb to go around. The track makes for somber and bittersweet end to exceptional trilogy of edits. If you haven’t caught on just yet, these bad boys are flying off the shelves so just grab a couple of copies of each and thank me later.

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