Kalim Shabazz looks to find common ground between the old and the new. Electronic music with a soul. Organic electronic music that moves the dancefloor in a new, but not unfamiliar, direction…

This 3 track EP with keyboardist Jerrell Battle signify the true organic deep house vibe with "Bassic" a deep melodic journey with guitar riffs that moves you. On the flipside "Dana Byrd" beautifully demonstrates the power of the voice as "She" is dedicated to the most important women in our lives. Delivering that true NY Soulful vibe you would hear at the Shelter. Lastly "Sound Module" finishes the record with straight deepness.
Shabazz a true Brooklyn native, made his mark in New York in 1993 with his legendary Afterlife party with Kim Lightfoot. Since the early 90's Kalim has been working with partner Nick Jones; recording history together with their first release, “Wake Up People”, on Bobby Konders’ Massive B Records which featured Satoshi Tomiie & Cassio Ware. Shabazz and Jones continued this partnership under various studio monikers including ‘Moments of Soul’ and ‘Soul Movement’ with releases on labels like Wave Music, King Street Records and Shelter Records. The rest is history!

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