Before this illness was but a blip on the radar, before this epidemic became pandemic, we were looking forward to sharing this LP, Pacific Coliseum's How's Life, with you because, simply, it is a joy, but now it's taken on new, prescient dimensionality, and we're looking forward to it even more.

Before, it was a salve, a relief from the monotony of daily life and the troubles that burden us, but now it is an antidote to the physical isolation we're experiencing. It's an inward-looking album, one that's gentle and tender, but it's not quiet. It's full of life, color, spirit; its purpose is to take the emotion on the inside and connect it with the bright, miraculous world on the outside.

Full of jazzy melodies and funky riffs and easy drums that land with a measured poof rather than a aggressive pop, it is, we are certain, what you need right now.

Comes packaged in a full-color sleeve, designed by Drew Heffron and Nik Mercer, featuring a photo by Ruvan Wijesooriya

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