A tribute work by Reda Valladares, which is loved by many artists as a collector of folklore! Featured artists such as Chancha, King Koya, Baruda, Uji, etc. participated in large numbers! San Ignacio is a production company that makes you feel after Chanchavia Silkito and Nikola Cruz, and a small electric folklore festival called Isla in the suburbs of Buenos. And a tribute album by the legendary Argentine folklore collector, Reda Valladares, released by the label "Fertil Discos" by El Remoron and others, which has also released an album from ZZK Records. From the new songs by the pioneers of the scene, Chancha and King Coya, Tremor, who has also produced works from ZZK, and duo of folklore singer Soema Montenegro. The members of the next-generation electric folklore, including the label's founders Ignacio, Jin Jerrey, and the hopeful future Uji, are all present. Probably all the participants are Argentine, and it's the latest report from Buenos Aires, where the electric folklore apparently established the genre name electric folklore rather than psychedelic slow house / techno flavors like Voodoohop. I will. Indigenous songs of nameless people collected by Leda Bajadarles. Feel the message of updating and presenting this sound in the style of dance music now in 2019, keeping the mystic and spiritual image of folklore.

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