Switzerland's Alma Negra are known for their deft, tasteful explorations of world roots, anchored in digging, sampling and sharing. On this brand new remix collection, Alma Negra invite a trio of equally curious producers to remix some three of their best-received musical endeavours. French producer and DJ Bambounou capitalises on the quick tempo and raw-energy at the heart of the Maloya sound as the basis for his raw and hypnotic reimagining of 'Kabare', originally sourced from Christine Cabare, one of the most notable stars of the contemporary Maloya scene. Glenn Astro, meanwhile takes on another release, 'Haleto lale lalô'. Originally influenced by the Saho sound, the origins of which lie in the musical history and landscape of Eritrea, the Money $ex Records owner fashions two distinctive reworks out of the already adapted original material. After applying the soft pressure of his weightless, smooth funk for an initial, blissed-out remix, he switches up to a warm, percussive jack session on his 'Rhythm Trax' remix, available here as a digital bonus. Finally, cult producer and musician Michal Turtle, best known for his sensational LPs and compilations on Music From Memory, delivers only his second ever remix in a forty year career, conjuring a magical slice of dreamy, percussive pop from 'Tany Be', awash in signature brass.

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