Comes in a brown paper bag with a doublesided A4 insert of places of interest in Cornwall. Note that there are 2 versions of this insert, one without a barcode and one with.
S1 ends with bubbling noises, this is missing from the later compilation.
S2 starts with a microwave sample, the same track on the CD and later vinyl compilation starts with a hoover sample instead.
S3 ends in a locked groove.
S4 consists of two tracks, one being played in the right channel, the other in the left channel. (Left 3:45/Right 4:10).
W3 is slightly different, it has some extra background sounds and 2:17 shorter than the 8 min CD and later vinyl compilation.
S3 & W4 are not on the later compilation.
the runouts on both sides have a 4 second sample in them.

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