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An Analog Life: Local DJ, Tasting Notes, chats Records!

Bump 'n Grind has proudly programmed nearly a year's worth of music at Analog Market! Every Saturday and Sunday since last July, we've invited local vinyl collectors to hold four hour sessions.

For many of the DJs, this format allows them to stretch their legs and really explore the depths of their musical tastes. As opposed to a club night, these selectors have the opportunity to create a welcoming vibe for our quirky coffee + vintage + vinyl shop in Silver Spring, MD. Many of those who come to occupy our vibrant booth are active members of the DMV music community: some are promoters, radio hosts, and multi-talented artists; others are deep Discogs diehards and neighbors with extensive basement libraries. 

Bump 'n Grind is always evolving, looking to stand on our pillars of Coffee. Music. Community. The mission is to share, engage, and invite more people to our space at 923 Gist Ave. A hope to strengthen the collective voice and create musical moments. Our record label and shop have welcome vinyl-loving DJs into the fold, and in turn aim to contribute to their efforts as they create art in the DMV.

We've asked one of our regular DJs, Morgan Lupton aka Tasting Notes, to discuss the passion and joy they get from record collecting and appreciating an analog way of life. Tasting Notes, an active music producer and DJ in the DC vinyl circuit, has a well-developed palette for deep grooves and lush soundscapes.

Take a listen to one of Tasting Note's recent Analog Market Vinyl Sessions on our Mixcloud! 

Morgan took the time to answer a few of questions and discuss their current musical moods:

What’s the foundation of your record collection? Why?

My record collection is a bit all over the place, but I'd say that I mostly collect electronic 12"s; roughly equal parts new and used. I do have a substantial amount of disco, soul, funk, a little bit of jazz, rock, and hip hop to go along with it. My collection trended more in the direction of more DJ-oriented records once I discovered how much more fun it was for me versus its digital counterpart. You tend to have a personal relationship with your records in a way that doesn't really translate to digital files.

What do you look for when you buy records?

Interesting labels, producers, eye-catching artwork, or anything that may indicate something has been well played (when it comes to used records). If I'm in a store, I'll usually get a random sampling of 10 or so records at a time, head to the listening station and see if I like what I find. Sometimes, I know what I'm getting myself into, other times I don't, but that's all part of the experience!

What do you like about sharing music at Analog Market?

The Analog Market is an interesting place in that it attracts a different crowd than the typical audience you find at a record store. Some people are there for the coffee, some to browse the books and antiques, and some folks are just there to hang out and see what it's all about. 

Where are you from, how’d you end up in the DMV?

I'm originally from Lynchburg, VA, but moved up here for work about 5 years ago. 

Who are some of your current favorite artists and record labels?

My tastes are constantly evolving, but here are some artists & labels I'm into right now. 


  • Ludwig A.F.
  • James Bangura
  • The Durutti Column
  • Eversines
  • D. Tiffany
  • Cofaxx


 Craigie Knowes

  • Shall Not Fade (and sublabels Lost Palms & Time Is Now) --> Many releases available at the Analog Market!
  • R&S Records
  • R.A.N.D. Muzik
  • Mojuba Records (and sublabel a.r.t.less)
  • Klasse Wrecks
  • Pacific Rhythm
  • Banoffee Pies Records

What are some of your other passions?

  • Traveling to cool places, music production, reading, industrial design, astronomy.

What does community mean to you?

  • A self-sustaining network of individuals supported by overlapping passions, interests, or expertise.

Where else are you playing your records?

  • You can catch me on Eaton Radio every third Thursday of the month from 7 to 8 PM. The show is called "The Big Chill" and consists of anything from minimal electronic music to psychedelic rock, as long as it's laid back. You can also catch me playing throughout the D.C. area if you want to see me do more club-oriented stuff. For instance, I just did a gig at Zeba Bar on 4/15 organized by Hast du Feuer where Martyn & Om Unit were headlining.  

Anything else you’d like to share with our community?

  • I suppose I'd say it's always important to stay curious and be open to new experiences. You'll be surprised by all the cool things happening around here if you take a chance and go check out a place or a venue you haven't been to before. 


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