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Analog Market enters 2024 with new friends and new beginnings!

Analog Market brings on 2024 with a renewed determination and appreciation for  keeping it simple. We've seen our humble walls at 923 Gist Ave take various evolutions since we started our passion project in 2022. B 'n G continues navigating to the ultimate goal of creating a community-centric coffee, drink, and music space for downtown Silver Spring. The collage of residents, artists, DJs, and small businesses that see Analog Market as a valuable space for expression and connection drives our hope to transform the property into a full-fledged restaurant/cafe/bar.

Analog Market stands on the foundational pillars of B 'n G: Coffee. Music. Community. We have become a destination for vinyl-lovers visiting Silver Spring in search of the latest dance floor groove or nostalgic LPs, and a curious discovery for those looking for an independent book, thrifted treasure, or locally-made handicraft. 

We are still open Thurs - Sunday, 9am - 4pm. Our resident B 'n G Wax DJs are live-streaming from our Mixcloud on Saturdays and Sundays, and more local organizations and groups are using our space to host their modest events and performances. In 2023, we saw our friends Mojomala and Chase Love & Retro Fits open their own brick-and mortar-locations, branching out from their pop-ups at Analog. Since, we've welcomed Loyalty Books, Miju Moon, Mia's Cute Crochet, and Dogwoode Collective into the mix of exciting small businesses showcasing their wares. Allow us to introduce them to our community!

Loyalty Books was featured in a previous Liner Notes --> read here. This inspiring group of book lovers have grown into an important activist in the local literary community. We are thrilled to collaborate with them at Analog Market, they are expanding their domain of shelves filled with interesting titles and books weekly. 



Miju Moon is run by Sarah Chung, an artist, thrifter and musical organizer who recently returned to living in the DMV! Their handmade jewelry, art, and re-loved treasures are on display in our coffee corner of Analog Market. 







Dogwoode Collective is run by the infectious couple, Aaron and Shanika. They have a deep appreciation for the quality of materials, functional design, and history of their found objects and home decor items. A new venture for the pair, they have turned our side-room into a trove of cool second-hand items and art for the home, office, and den. 







Mia's Cute Crochet is responsible for the plush and cuddle-ready animal characters throughout Analog. The cute creations are making nests and finding their nooks to be exactly what they are, cute. These plush crochet creations are carefully-crafted by Mia, a talented 8th grader at Takoma Middle School. 





Make sure to visit all of us at 923 Gist Ave. in downtown Silver Spring!

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