Analog Market turns one year old! - Bump 'n Grind Coffee Shop

Analog Market turns one year old!

Analog Market has been Bump 'n Grind's passion project over the past 12 months. A community has surrounded our efforts, where local small businesses, artists, and musicians contribute to the constant evolution of our brand's home at 923 Gist Ave in downtown Silver Spring.

From a simple pop-up market structure with a coffee bike and live DJs spinning vinyl records, we have transformed into a collective space where more than twelve small businesses showcase their vinyl records, books, maker creations, found art, and curated vintage clothes racks. Open Thursday - Sunday, 9am - 4pm, Analog Market is more than a location to drink fresh-brewed Bump 'n Grind Coffee, but a place to create, imagine, and indulge in your curiosities. 

We have had magical moments over the past twelve months. This inspires us to think forward on how to bring attention to our space, while laying the foundation for more creative possibilities in our community. The plan for the location is to cement Bump 'n Grind in downtown Silver Spring, expanding our physical footprint to become a full-fledged cafe and bar concept. With our brand pillars, "Coffee. Music. Community." at the forefront, we envision a third space that offers a multidimensional maker space, engaging music programming, and an exciting food and beverage offerings.

Maybe not major, one year for Analog Market still feels like a milestone in the whole scheme of Bump 'n Grind's vision for 923 Gist Ave. We have managed to curate 52 weekends of music programming, transformed our B 'n G Wax record shop into one of the best DJ booths and listening rooms in the DMV, and built a live stage for performances. This could only have been achieved by welcoming a range of music lovers to come share their latest discoveries. We are regularly posting many of our vinyl-only DJ sessions on the B 'n G Mixcloud and Soundcloud pages, so the magic can be enjoyed again and again.

Many of folx have put paint on the walls, offered furniture, and contributed to the on-going details of love being added to the property. We love to tell people that every time they come back to Analog Market, there is something new. This holds true, as our front garden is in full bloom, and more cool stuff from local small businesses rotate through the doors. 


It's important for us to give credit to all those who have come and helped build the vibes. We've come up with a list of the artists and small businesses who have displayed at Analog Market:

Bump 'n Grind Coffee  (Coffee Roastery)

Bump 'n Grind Wax (7" Record Label)

Mojomala  (Vinyl Records, Books, Comics, Nostalgia)

Klumz Tattoo Studio

Narrow Passage Store (Antique Maps, Vintage Ads, Found Art)

Jen Pape Designs / Bun Bun's Closet (Hand-sculpted Jewelry and Designs)

Chase Love Retro Fits (Curated Re-Loved Fashion)

Pinwheel Clay (Handmade Jewelry)

Sparkly Spicy (Curated Vintage Fashion)

Found Flax (Curated Vintage Fashion)

Big Moon Little Stars (Estate Sales and Antiques)

A Contemporary Market Bakery (Baked Goods and Natural Wellness Products)

Candles With Attitude (Handpoured and Molded Candles)

Punk Equinox (Up-cycled Jewelry)

WuDooDoo Designs (Graphic Design and Fashion)

She Knows the Deal (Resin Art)

Comics a Yaard (Comic Art)

Rose Gold The Brand (Vintage Fashion)

Hello Herren (Graphic Designs and Stationary Art)

Juju Rare Bird Designs (Crystal Art)

Ribbon of Roses (Curated Vintage Designer Fashion)

Bad Girl Barware (Home Goods)

Pete's Vintage Closet (Curated Vintage Fashion)

Pete's Train Emporium (Model Trains, Planes, and Automobiles)

Sungh DC (Ethically-sourced Imports and Art)


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