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Single Origin Feature - Nicaragua - Matagalpa

Bump ‘n Grind is currently featuring a new Single Origin roast: the Nicaragua - Matagalpa. A lightly roasted approach brings out the complex layers of this bean from the northern mountain regions of Nicaragua. The Matagalpa region is famous for its lush tropical vegetation, most of the coffee grown in this region is shade grown in nutrient-rich, volcanic soil. Grown 700m above sea level, in a climate the locals refer to as “the eternal spring,” these beans go through a washed process before they are dried and shipped to our Roastery in Kensington, MD. In line with our commitment to “conscientious coffee,” these beans are both certified organic and fair trade!

One of our lighter roast choices, our team has been able to extract juicy notes of Red Apple, a slight citrus acidity of a fresh Orange, and that savory/sweet balance of an old-world Toffee candy. This single-origin bean has scored well above average when it comes to acidity, sweetness, and body. Its flavor profile is as unique as its delicate look. We always recommend our coffee drinkers and Single-Origin subscribers to prepare these beans to their fullest potential. We suggest a finely-ground, pour-over with the ratio of 25 grams of coffee to 300 grams of hot water. This will pair well in the morning with a nice fruit salad, a fresh-baked scone, but it is also a mild enough coffee in terms of acidity, to not shake the ship of an empty stomach. 

Bump ‘n Grind Single-Origin roasts can be found every weekend at one of our Pop Up stands or our Cafe at Silver Spring Library. They are offered in a pour over, or in 12oz bags to take home! For those looking to experience the global complexities and excitement of coffee culture, we recommend folks signing up for our Single Origin Subscription! As a subscriber, you are given first priority to receive bags of our beautiful beans as they come in, and the opportunity to try some of the exquisite “conscientious coffee” being carefully crafted by the Bump ‘n Grind team!

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