Aperture records has always been about discovering new artists and bringing them to the forefront and italy is well-renowned for its electronic music, both former and current. so, from one italian duo (t.e.s.o.) to another... introducing Diaster.
Diaster aka Teo & G grew up in treviso, listening to the most experimental music they could find in their small rural city near venice.
With Matteo inspired by metal and musique concrete and Gianluca a researcher of old electronic/instrumental music, they decided to experiment with their various experiences in house, techno and drum n bass, inserting strata of industry and noise into their material. after 'Enchantments', a debut ep on DVNTT which deserves more recognition, and an accomplished follow up on Subsist records; 'Final Beginner', aperture records brings you their latest contribution; 'Clustered Non Symmetry'.
On first acquaintance, this 8 track album appears on the minimal spectrum; monolithic and indivisible. tension builds slowly and influences, mostly of a similar vintage, come through. arrhythmic incursions of stark and contorted electronics conjure up a hesitant, stealthily-undermined delineative framework

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