Released 9th December 2016

Highly limited 10" Dubplate with custom sleeve.
"With a raft of excellent music already accumulated, we move on to the penultimate release in our Project Mohawk series, with our 8th instalment only adding to the quality that has gone before. Odd Harmonics may be a new name to some, but being one quarter of the highly regarded G.H.O.S.T outfit should set the scene on what sort of EP you can expect. With the full crew on board for the retro Virus-Esque roller that is Orbiter, and our own label boss Tony Consort on collab duties for edgy & minimalistic Middle Ground, this release retains the funk and old skool production values that so many still crave in the drum & bass scene today. With a selection of tracks that fully hit the mark, yet each offering something a little different, Odd Harmonics lays down a marker as solo producer of note in his own right"

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