Next up on Creme Organization is Gavin Guthrie Aka TX Connect with a searing double album of analogue tracks aimed at the dancefloor. It follows Dallas man Guthrie's excellent outings on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, L.I.E.S. and other efforts on Bad Mums Club and again showcases his classic Midwest style run through with plenty of acid goodness. Up first is 'Soundtrack 909', a deep and melodically rich house affair that sooths your soul before '00707' gets rough, jagged and angst with its off time cowbells, brooding hi hats and ever more frantic acid. 'Palm Sunday' then explores more cosmic beat territory in playful, colourful style and 'Metroplex Jaxx' is a rugged, dystopian and foreboding acid jam with plenty of occult melody work buried deep within. 'Aqua Finess' is a wholly malfunctioning acid machine very much doing its own weird thing and on the last side of this double vinyl pack, 'Desmond's Obsession' plays with whacked out electro aesthetics and 'Haddonfield, IL' leaves you on a dour and downbeat note thanks to its crawling synths and lumpy hooks. Overall, this is an expansive and expressive double pack from TX Connect that has more than been the wait.

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