Evaporate' is the first issue from Rabit's highly promising Halcyon Veil label, and also the exceptional solo debut from 21 year old s.w. Londoner, Myth. Infectiously emotive and nimbly weightless, it rotates seven slick grime and 2-step instrumentals including the instantly recognisable version of his and Rabit's flip of Ciara's 'Backseat Love', which is currently still under heavy rotation from Rinse FM. Its seven tracks were salvaged from a series of cheap, dying computers over the last two years and could be considered perfectly symptomatic of where grime is at right now - still succinctly FWD, but steeped in nostalgia for its formative era; which is perhaps understandable as he's been writing beats since he was 10-13 after hearing grime on mobile phones at school circa 2000's. It's all as sharp cut, raw and moody as anything from Zomby or Visionist, but with a unique, salty streak of emotion running thru its skeletal structures, at its most potent in the majestic 'Lonely' or the iridescent 2-step twinkle of 'Phoenix', whilst the tensile tendons of 'Evaporate', or the Apple-style Funky drums of 'Seven' grip the 'floor properly

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