Franco-Cameroonian rapper of 25 years old, MIKANO has been lucky enough to visit the four corners of the world during the first part of his life. He grew up in cities as diverse as Abu Dhabi or Cairo where he discovers life, but also music.

Since his childhood he is passionate about rap music, Snoop Dog, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent or Nas. Later, the click will be with Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" and Kid Cudi's "Man Of The Moon". His new favorites naturally guided him towards rap and English language.

At the age of 17, his family settled down in Paris, where he began to compose and write, inspired by the music that touched him at each stage of his life and his travels.

Now inspired by artists such as Agnès Obel, Frank Ocean and Alabama Shakes, he’s started recording titles and the release of a first EP "No Devices Found", first test quickly followed by "Blind Man Dreams" a second haunting and dreamlike EP (entirely produced by his accomplice SVTVS) which allows him to appear on the radars of the French and international music industry. It has positioned him as an artist who crossover the genres.

MIKANO presents "Melting Ballons" a mixtape where imagination and emotions are put in the foreground. The artist has chosen to put sensations at the heart of his creation, from his mind directly to the microphone and invites the audience to walk in a museum of thoughts, raw emotions, that he can modulate on demand.

"Melting Balloons" opens with the instant ear-worm « Silhouette " where the rapper continues to have fun, by mixing genres, in putting his voice on a production halfway between Afro-Beat and Trap. Follow tracks as intimate as "Silent Screams » a song totally sung and « Symphony » a true invitation of letting things go. It gradually intensifies and gives place to "Fuego", a demonstration of strength: where the rapper reveals all his power and his technicality.

Mikano's music is made for those who love Frank Ocean, Blood Orange or Kid Cudi. So many influences that the rapper had digested and diluted with subtlety. He’s been able to make something that sounds like it has never been heard before, something completely new. Mikano's sound is intimate, deep, juggling lightness and strength. He’s taking the listener from one extreme to an other, from a song tinged with sweetness and fantasy to a title inflated with energy and raw power, served by an impeccable flow.

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