Buzz Aldrin’s first words when he joined Armstrong on the surface of the moon) Now that the world has come to a standstill please let us guide your attention towards this special 12”. Round and ever-turning like the moon, it rests on the record player. Move the tonearm and the disc will ooze strangely comforting tones.

Exuberant, yet melancholic at the same time.
RSS Disco have created a psychedelic, blissful jam that moves currents & constantly changes shape. Meandering voices inhabit the sphere, a pumping bassline secures the foundation. The warp core is frail at this power level but seems to be holding up.
Frequencies unravel, the bridge heats up. This must be fairy dust made of moon rocks.
On the dark side of the moon, we find ?Aera (Permanent Vacation, Innervisions) ?with his signature arp-fest. Elevating the original track form the surface to the stars, we have left home and there is no intention of ever coming back

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