LP version. Includes download card. Khalab has summoned a futuristic Afro-centric soundscape by weaving a poly-phonic tapestry of future bass, jazz, and field recordings. The LP's title track tells hard truths from the mind of spoken word artist Tenesha The Wordsmith. Along with her words the LP's title has been augmented with a date marking the arrival of an emancipated future. Black Noise 2084 casts aside the worn and surface level cliché of black music being soul music. Khalab guides you to the beginning of a journey, the journey of rhythms and he takes you within earshot of the voices and spirits that carried them. Soul gained over eons of terror and forced transportation, soul driving survival against systematic oppression, wholesale against a people. Khalab looks to the noise, the messages, the spirits, and evokes the light of Black Noise 2084 out of darkness. From dystopian roots, the beat marabout Khalab has led his assembly of messengers to invoke this myth of cathartic liberation. Black Noise 2084 features the voices of musical voyagers seeking new pathways: Shabaka Hutchings, Moses Boyd, Tamar "The Collocutor" Osborn, the master Gabin Dabire, Tenesha The Wordsmith, Tommaso Cappellato, Prince Buju, and Clap! Clap! Within the tapestry of Khalab's Black Noise 2084 the myth moves through its cycle of life, initiations and ceremonies with a cast of unnamed messengers. Khalab was invited to work with field recordings from the archives of the Royal Museum for Central Africa of Bruxelles. The museum's recordings made for a post-colonial world, hold ethnographic and historical insights into the cultures of the region over the last 500 years. The Museum is far from the horrors that Belgian King, Leopold II unleashed during his colonial reign, however it is a dark legacy that is far from absolved. Black Noise 2084 opens a portal where displaced rhythms, chants, screams, and dreams collide with quaking bass, a vortex of shattering synths, jazz rains and emotion all amalgamate. Empires for millennia thrived across the African continent and Empires are being willed to rise. 2084 a time when rhythms have shed the cargo of their haunted odyssey. The myth of Black Noise 2084 is a new dawn where the ghosts of Leopold and all his kind are finally excised. Atonement in hearing the truths carried across the ages, carried in noise, Black Noise.

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