Keysound are proud to announce the third installment in their Rollage sub-series. Following on from the first ltd edition black label and the recent volume two Keysound Sessions Anthem,' the C-troit' EP, is a 12' from Blackdown, with Dusk joining on co-production duties. C-troit' is a name revived from a lost, unfinished track by Blackdown in the very earliest roots' years of dubstep. A hybrid of the words Croydon' and Detroit', it's a heuristic for the place between Greater London's bass-lead music and the halcyon synths of early Detroit techno. Now that there's a growing body of dark, 130bpm-ish rollage, from within the Keysound camp and crews beyond (Jelly Bean Farm, Durkle Disco, Swamp81, Version & Kaizen), the EP seeks to throw warm light into the shadows, with the tracks Godlike Power', Clueless ft Dusk' and Halcyon Skies (Rollage mix).' The EP's closing cut The Greatest Concert (RIP PMC)' was written by Blackdown in the days immediately following the passing of his father. The first two installments in the Rollage series shared a common dark, tense mood but explored divergent energies levels and percussive possibilities whilst constrained by the same sound palate and tempo (130bpm). The tracks in the third edition, however, retain the same tempo, share a common pad-lead mood and percussive approach, but are not cut from exactly the same soundbank. As ever, all the 12's in the Rollage series are designed to be mixed together as one flow.

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