What makes a house tune a unique house tune Secret Crunch Volume 5 focuses on the basics principles of making house: We are talking about an unique groove, we are talking about the original use of samples and we are talking about a soul thang. Secret Crunch Volume 5 presents four cuts of fresh and undiluted house music.
On Side A Felipe Gordon from Columbia opens with the cool jazz infused stepper "Teusanquilo Step", while Ashley Stevenson contributes to Crunch with his new project The Last Trip To Gandahar. His track "Planet Music" captivates with earwig vocals and a catchy groove. On the b side Vienna's finest Jeremiah delivers an exciting acid experience building from the beginning to the end. Newcomer Gus Nobel finishes the EP with "Radical Science" in style - and yes, it´s a crunchy banger.

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