Outstanding and miraculous, this record is an international effort, resulting in a great combination, relevant for both bagging it or playing out on a soundsystem. The original music is by one of Russia's most prolific and gifted reggae musicians - Rebelsteppa. Melodic instrumental music, a swing-stepper with a saxophone.

None Shall Escape the Judgement', vocals by Stikki Tantafari from Jamaica is on the A side of the record. This song is rough and tough, dynamic and persistent. Stikki Tantafari has previously released music with Paul Lush on Nucleus Roots Records.

On the B side "Give Unto Jah' by Sista Sherin, the German singer. Compared to the record's first side, this one is smoother, the voice of this young lady is glorious and captivating - positive vibrations.

Both sides feature Rebelsteppa's dub-mixes - His style is always a mixture of classical energy combined with peculiar intelligence of sound given by restrained echoes, created for the soundsystem.

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